Computer Cooling Hardware

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Computer Cooling HardwarePC cooling systems are one of the hottest – and coolest – computer hardware accessories available. Most computers, however, still do not come with a cooling system more advanced than the typical heat sink and cpu fan. Some computers, however, are being sold with liquid cooling systems, such as the Apple G5 Power Mac. The dual processors undoubtedly put out a great deal of excess heat that a simple copper heat sink and fan alone can not properly dissipate. Intel is also getting into the new cooling trend, claiming that it’s newest processors (of the Pentium 4 line) are approximately 20 degrees hotter than any chip currently produced by AMD (Advanced Micro Devices).

Although these new processors all but absolutely require high-end cooling systems, it may not be a bad idea to add an additional cooling system to your 1-3 year old system. Your heatsink and fan can probably handle the heat, but the additional cooling can’t hurt. Here are some popular options if you are looking to add a new cooling system to your computer:

– Water cooling system. Several companies currently offer both


How To Format A Hard Drive

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How To Format A Hard DriveHere’s how to format a hard drive (Legal Stuff: We are not responsible for any damages, lost data, or anything of the sort)…

If you have a computer, you surely know what a hard drive is. If you don’t have one, or simply don’t know what a hard drive is, then this article will begin with a short description of the hard drive. Then we will cover formating a hard drive…

Step 1: What Is A Hard Disk Drive?

A hard disk drive in computing is a type of storage device made up of hard disk platters, a spindle, read and write heads read and write arms, electrical motors, and integrated electronics contained inside an airtight enclosure.

Now you know what the hard drive is. Let’s stick to the point and start with the information on the title of this article. How to format a hard disk drive….

Step 2…

First of all, you should have a reason if you really want to learn how to format a hard drive. But don’t forget that formating a hard drive


Power and Your PC

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Power and Your PCThe power coming into a computer is the most critical component, and it may be one of the most overlooked. It is just taken for granted that it will always be there and working properly. A top of the line processor and ultra powerful video card do nothing if a system does not receive the ample, stable power it demands. Having quality components providing and regulating the power supplied to a computer is critical, and this brief overview looks at a few areas worth consideration.

Power Supplies

Computer power supplies take the high (110V or 220V) DC voltages from an electrical outlet and convert it to the various lower AC voltages required for a system to operate. The typical voltages required inside a computer are 3.3V, 5V, and 12V, where the 3.3V and 5V lines are generally used to power circuitry, and the 12V line provides power to run items such as hard drives, optical drives, and cooling fans.

Power supplies are sold in terms of their total power output, in terms of wattage. Choosing the correct power supply means not only


Three Reasons to Move to Online Tutoring

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Online changed education and learning. Although conventional educating methods are still the most beneficial for education, Online has led the way for us to learn through different indicates. The internet is rich with educational content, video lessons, written guides, and online seminars. But despite all these choices, there is one structure for learning that rests on top of the list as far as comfort and cost are concerned: online tutoring.

Nothing surpasses a one-on-one tutoring activity. The classes between the student and teacher are successful. They are targeted. And both parties spend a while targeted on one thing: student development.

Today, many people still question whether online tutoring is worth the money. How does it stand out from conventional, physical tutoring and is it effective? In this post, we will discover its benefits and let you decide.

Online tutor

You Have More Flexibility

Since the whole world is your marketplace, you can choose online tutoring solutions that fit your most practical time. Strategies should be the least of your concerns.

Whether you are an individual or a father or mother, the schedule should never be an issue


How to Get the Case Off Your PC

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This is the first step to servicing, upgrading or removing PC hardware from your PC. Refer to my other articles on adding, upgading or removing just about any piece of hardware.

First things first, get that case off your PC. This is usually done by removing the screws on the back. Don’t remove the ones near your power supply! This will cause your power supply to fall out. Simply remove the screws along the side that seem to be holding the case to the frame. Usually, this is about 6-9 screws. This will remove both sides. If you are aiming on only removing one side (sometimes this is best, as you only need to service one side) then remove the three screws holding the one side on. (For clone PCs. For IBM/Compaqs, refer below). After you’ve got the screws off either the one side, or both sides, simply slide the sides off towards the front side (the side where the power button is).

If you’ve got an IBM or Compaq, you will need to remove all the screws holding the case onto the back, and then employ one or both methods. Some IBM PCs require you


Does Size Really Matter In Our Digital Age

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Well, we’ve all seen the advert, but that’s not what I want to talk about, so get that out of your head straight away. No, let’s think about what many call the “Queen of Arts” – namely painting.

Have you ever wandered around a huge Art Gallery and marvelled at the works by Tintoretto, Raphael, Constable or any master painter who has produced huge canvasses? Then again, we have many fine examples of beautiful artwork in cameos and miniatures. In fact, in all sizes between these two extremes the evidence of creative genius can be found down through the ages.

However, it’s patently obvious that the correlation between size and creative genius is poor. Mere size on the premise, “never mind the quality feel the width” is not the prime element of a masterpiece. Yes we are fascinated by the Sistine Chapel, for example, by the sheer scale of the paintings, but it’s the genius of the painter that draws the eye. It’s also true though that the artist tugs at our heartstrings by the wealth of detail that working in a large format permits.

In the same way, large format and medium format cameras


You Can Prevent Computer Slowdowns and Issues

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Most people understand preventive maintenance like changing the oil in your car will help your car run better and last longer. The same principle holds true for your PC. Based on the computer repair services we do on computers in Cincinnati, we believe 80% of computer slowdowns and problems can be prevented!

The purpose of this article is to help you understand how you can prevent computer slowdowns and other issues.

The top 10 ways you can prevent computer slowdown are…

1. Ensure antivirus software is installed, automatically checking for updates, and automatically scanning all incoming files. If there is a virus associated with a new file it will automatically be repaired or quarantined. New viruses come out daily. Because of this, the anti-virus software needs to be configured to automatically updates it’s self. McAfee and Norton’s are the most popular anti-virus software and what we recommend.

2. Run antispyware/antiadware software. Spyware and adware are hands down the most common cause of PC slowdowns. This software is critical if you are surfing the Internet. Spybot Search & Destroy or Ad-aware are the two most common free anti-spyware/adware packages. We recommend a more proactive packages


The Right Way To Discharge Capacitor In Switch Mode Power Supplies

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Switch mode power supply contain some large filter capacitors that can hold dangerous charges even if the unit has not been used for several days. Typical values of this type of filter capacitor are 220uf 250volt and 330uf 400volt! If you are going to work on the power supply circuits, it’s a good idea to discharge that capacitor first.

There are three ways to discharge the big filter capacitor in a power supply.

1)Discharge it with a screw driver (not recommended).

The reason for not using the screw driver to discharge a capacitor is because

-the printed circuit board or circuitry can be damage due to the spark generated while discharging the high voltage capacitor.
I once blowed the power section using this method. However, if you know that the capacitor stored voltage is not too large, you can easily discharge it with a small screw driver.

-if the capacitor holds a heavier charge of electricity. Discharging the capacitor may melt the tip of the screw driver and the copper on the printed circuit board.

-Sometimes a heavier spark may cause small disintegrated solder lead or copper to fly out from the


Should You Build Your Own Mini PC

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Nowadays there is a large number of alternatives when it comes to mini-PCs, many of which are barebones that you have to assemble yourself. Of course, these fetch a lower price and are often preferred by some people. Other mini-PCs come ready-to-use with all the parts and even the operating system pre-installed. Of course, their price is higher, though not by much, something that deters some people. So, what alternative should you go for?

If you are a hard-core IT enthusiast (the type of person who would prefer Linux or some other more esoteric OS, while also do computer-related DIY projects for fun), then a barebone may be the alternative for you. Although turning a barebone into a fully functional mini-PC is no easy task, it is still manageable and may be even fun for those super geeks out there. Plus you get to choose what components to put in your machine, something that some people like to have control over.

Nevertheless, if you are not a super power-user and care more about having a fully-functional and accountable PC, then it would probably be better to invest in a ready-to-use mini-computer. Apart from the obvious plus


The Printer Cartridge Game

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Think you got a great deal on a printer? Like the rest of us, you probably paid $50 to $75 for a decent Epson or Lexmark printer. What’s the catch, you might have asked? Most salesmen would say there is no catch. They’d probably go into a rant about how the printer market has gotten more competitive, driving prices way down. While that’s a true statement, it isn’t the primary reason for such inexpensive printers these days.

So, why are printers so inexpensive? It’s pretty simple – printer manufacturers need you to buy their printer model so you’re forced into buying their outrageously-priced ink cartridges. It’s kind of like the relationship between a gasoline company and car manufacturer, except in this situation the printer company is supplying both the automobile and the fuel. Gas companies wouldn’t make any money if no one owned an automobile. In the case of printer manufacturers, things are a little different. They don’t make any money on selling printers – they make their money by selling you the replacement ink cartridges.

It makes a lot of business sense when you think about it. A consumer buys a printer every few years,


Spicing Up Your Keyboard Collection

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When it comes to must haves for me concerning mechanical keyboards I always recommend the MKC Zinc Gold Tone Keyset. While the set can be a bit pricy at $50 for the set of just 37 keys to me it was well worth the investment. The first benefit you get from the keys is simply the look of them. Because they arrive individually wrapped they have no scratches or blemishes on the keys. Then when you contrast the keys to the plastic ones on your keyboard these shine and reflect all the light making them look very beautiful. Then the feel of the keys is much more superior to any plastic counterpart. Although they can be a bit cold at first touch it’s never an uncomfortable temperature. The smoothness of the keys also feels much nicer than plastic keys that usually are slightly textured. Even with the lack of texture your fingers don’t slide all over the keys and it’s still easy to use. These keys also provide a physical benefit along with an aesthetic one. Because the weight of the keys is a bit heavier than plastic keys it makes the spring in the switch easier to


Adding Serial Ports to a Computer with Only USB Ports

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So you bought a new computer but you don’t have serial ports?

It’s surprisingly common these days – you find an awesome machine that does everything you want it to do, but then you get home and find out that amongst the lightning-fast processor and terabyte hard drive, you’re missing something – a serial port.

Most laptop manufacturers have killed RS-232

In an effort to enforce newer standards, such as USB and FireWire, many laptop manufacturers have let serial ports fall by the wayside. They don’t take into account the millions of people and businesses that still require serial ports for one application or another.

Add a true serial port with a USB adapter

You can use a USB to Serial Adapter to easily and quickly add a serial port to your laptop. The nice thing about the adapter is that you can use multiple adapters on one machine (using a hub or an add-on card) and dynamically set the COM assignment.

Various serial devices requiring some type of serial port

Many PDA’s, GPS units, routers, printers, fax machines, etc. still require serial ports. A lot of these devices are moving


Finding a Better Mouse

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Several years ago, I found myself wanting a better mouse. My computer at the time was a Mac Pro provided by my employer, and the aluminum keyboard and Mighty Mouse that came with it were downright awful. The laptop-style, low profile keyboard was terrible to type on and the mouse had a tiny ball for scrolling, which would get gummed up very easily.

At first, I simply traded them in for a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse set which I used for quite some time. It was a basic rubber dome keyboard and standard wireless optical mouse. They were okay. They worked. Ultimately, I wanted something better.

I noticed that my boss would try out other mice, but ultimately return to his old trackball. He explained that it was more ergonomic and he found it easier to use. Unfortunately, the model he used had long been discontinued and regularly sold for over $300 on eBay. Too rich for me. But I figured there must be some modern equivalents.

So I went on a search. My initial requirements were simple. It needed to cost less than $50 and I didn’t want to give up my scroll